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SeeSignal (Lead Developer at BadVR)

SeeSignal Product Link

SeeSignal is an AR/VR application with cross platform capabilities. The application allows the user to see and map radio frequencies in real time. It has been demoed and used at multiple private companies. It also has been used by United States government agencies like the Air Force, DTRA, SOCOM, Space Force, Secret Service, and the US Army.

During my time at BadVR, I handled the following:

  • Creating and implementing features

  • Creating and maintaining QA tests

  • Designing and creating a mobile version

  • Handling bug fixes

  • Managing releases

  • Team management and assigning tickets in Jira

  • Traveling and performing demonstrations of the application.

  • Getting user feedback and performing technical support both remotely and in person.


Finite State Machine

GitHub Link

This was a project to demonstrate my ability to create a finite state machine. The blue capsules represent rabbits, the red capsules represent wolves, and the green cubes represent plant life. They each eat and reproduce through the power of the finite state machine.

This project includes:

  • Inheritance

  • Interfaces

  • Delegates

  • Polymorphism

  • Lambda Expressions

  • A Finite State Machine created in C#



Link to GitHub

This project is a 2D project made to demonstrate my understanding of the following topics:

  • Variables

  • Data Types

  • Coroutines

  • Delegates

  • Enums

  • Namespaces

  • Loops

  • Single Responsibility classes

  • Scope

  • Static variables

  • Object Pooling

  • Unity Input System

  • Unity Animator

  • Unity UI

Streamer: A New Normal

This project is still in development. I created this project as the lead programmer. Handled the AI as well as the character/camera controller and animation.


HELLBORNE: Devtober Game Jam 2021 | $2.00 Link to Free Demo

This infinite runner was developed for  the Devtober 2021 Game Jam. Over the course of 31 days, as a team of two, we accepted the challenge to completely design and create an entire game using only our skills and experience. Like how scratch cooking creates an entire meal from only base raw ingredients, we created this entire project from custom made music, art, design, and code.

I handled all of the programming and code design.


Climbing Together: 48 Hour GMTK  Game Jam 2021 link

I was the lead developer on a multinational team of three. Together we were able to collaborate and create this entire game over 48 hours for the GMTK game jam.


Unreal 5 
Warehouse Wreckage: 

Link to GitHub Repository

This project demonstrates an understanding of:

  • In Blueprints: Variables, Functions, Branch Nodes, Delay Nodes, Level Management, Data Pins, Execution Pins

  • Maps, Actors, Components, Transforms, Vectors, Vector Math, Physics within the Unreal Engine

  • Objects, Structs, Classes, Member functions

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