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Michael Quinn

A Bit About Me

I am a driven, goal-oriented, and self-taught developer with a passion for learning. Currently, I am a software engineer with BadVR as well as the lead developer on their SeeSignal product. While working for BadVR, I am developing enterprise level applications in the AR VR XR space. These applications are being used by government agencies, first responders, and private companies internationally.

Coming from a non-traditional tech background, I have honed my communication, time management, and team leadership skills during my tenure in restaurant management. Drawing upon my past experiences, strong work ethic, and relentless pursuit of self-improvement, combined with a passion for creative problem-solving, I have found success within the tech industry.

During my transition to tech, I have been able to receive my Associates degree in Software Engineering with Honors. I thrive in high pressure environments and strive to learn new things every day.

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